Proper monitoring and handling of reefer containers is vital to maintain the quality of perishable goods during a journey. Reefer containers are embedded with an array of sensors connected to the reefer controller units, which grant access to all necessary control settings to ensure both the reefer container and its perishable cargo can be monitored and managed. The vessel crew must physically check the reefer controller units multiple times during a voyage to ensure reefers are working properly and take corrective action if needed. This is a time-consuming, repetitive and physical task that is subject to human error.

To help optimise this task, 永利皇宫app下载注册 has published the second release of its IoT standards initiative: 永利皇宫app下载注册 IoT Data Standard for Remote Reefer Container Monitoring On Board a Vessel 1.0. Developed in conjunction with member carriers, the 永利皇宫app下载注册 standard defines a minimum set of data elements to be shared with vessel crew to enable remote monitoring of smart reefer containers on board a vessel. This data sharing is an important building block of interoperability and collaboration between stakeholders.

Download the IoT Standards publication below to see the data standards for remotely monitoring reefer containers on board a vessel.